FAQs about "TEPRA" Lite

"TEPRA" Trouble shooting

"TEPRA" Lite turned off during printing.

Use only new alkaline batteries. Otherwise, a voltage drop or liquid leakage may occur. If that doesn't work, try replacing the tape.

Is a Bluetooth® connection established?
Check if the Bluetooth® LED (white) is on to conform connection.
The text is unclear.

Proper label printing is not possible with a dirty print head.
Follow the procedure below to clean the print head.

  1. 1.Press the ON/Stand-by button to turn off power and open the tape (back) cover.
  2. 2.If tape is set, remove it.
  3. 3.Use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to wipe the surface of the print head.
The power turned off without my knowledge.

If no operation is performed within 10 minutes, the device will automatically power off.
Make sure it's on and try again. If this doesn't work, please replace the batteries with new alkaline ones.

"TEPRA" Lite does not operate when the on button is pressed.

Confirm the below.

  1. 1.Are the batteries correctly installed?
  2. 2.Are the batteries low? Replace all batteries with new alkaline ones.
  • *Do not use manganese batteries.
I cannot connect with Bluetooth®.
  1. 1.Check the Bluetooth® settings on your smartphone and make sure Bluetooth® is activated.
  2. 2.Is another device already connected? This device cannot be connected via Bluetooth® to multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. 3.You cannot connect from the Setting Apps on your smartphone. Tap "Bluetooth Connection" on Menu on the dedicated App to connect properly.
  4. 4.Your smartphone memory may be low. Try rebooting it.
  5. 5.Eliminate any obstacles between the smartphone and "TEPRA" Lite.
What is the Bluetooth® communication range between devices?

The Bluetooth® signal range of this device is about 30 ft. The range varies depending on the strength of the signal and other factors.
Move devices closer together for a stronger signal.


Which tapes are compatible with "TEPRA" Lite?

All tapes listed on the webpage below are compatible with "TEPRA" Lite.
See more tapes

Are rechargeable batteries compatible with "TEPRA" Lite?

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.
The voltage tends to be different from alkaline batteries.

Is there an English manual for "TEPRA" Lite?

You can download the manual here. It is available in other languages.

  • *There is no English manual for "TEPRA" PRO.
Is "TEPRA" Lite tape suitable for long-term use?

Since "TEPRA" Lite tape is made of thermal paper, it is not suitable for long-term use.
Avoid use in direct sunlight, wet locations, and hot/humid places.

  • *When the tape is not in use, return it to the original packing bag and store it away from high temperature and humidity.
Where can I buy KING JIM products?

Our official online stores are listed on this website.

If you cannot find your country or region on the list, please contact us here.

  • *Please note that some items are not available in all countries.

"TEPRA" Lite is not operating properly?

If the issue cannot be resolved, contact the store where you purchased it.
Or feel free to ask us with the contact form by answering the following questions.

Answer to the following questions.
  1. 1.What is the problem (defect)?
  2. 2.What is the item number?
  3. 3.Where did you buy the product?
    • *Give the store's name if you remember
  4. 4.When did you buy the product?
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