By using “coharu” film tape,
you don't have to worry
about water splash in the kitchen.

“coharu” film tape

Width: 11mm / 13mm / 15mm
Length: 4m

  • width 11mm
    TPT11-001 bird
  • width 11mm
    TPT11-002 forest
  • width 11mm
    TPT11-003 rainy dot
  • width 11mm
    TPT11-004 stripe green
  • width 11mm
    TPT11-005 craft beige
  • width 13mm
    TPT13C-001 swan
  • width 13mm
    TPT13C-002 tyrolean flower
  • width 15mm
    TPT15-001 animal
  • width 15mm
    TPT15-002 bouquet
  • width 15mm
    TPT15-003 window
  • width 15mm
    TPT15-004 check red
  • width 15mm
    TPT15-005 craft gray

A model that can use this tape

Washi Tape
“coharu” tape is removable, you can tear it off anytime!
* Not suitable for long-term display purposes.
Strong sunlight fades the tape surface and characters on it.

“coharu” tape

Width: 15mm
Length: 4m

  • MPT005 drop red

  • MPT009 stripe tricolor

  • MPT010 lace pink

  • MPT012 flower

  • MPT014 canvas beige

  • MPT016 dot pink

  • MPT017 dot mint-blue

  • MPT018 check purple

  • MPT020 cotton cloud

  • MPT024 usagi

  • MPT025 ouchi

  • MPT026 candy pink

  • MPT028 sketch clover

  • MPT029 square pink

  • MPT030 square blue

  • MPT031 daisy pink

  • MPT032 daisy yellow

  • MPT036 heart

  • MPT037 arare

  • MPT038 tama

  • MPT040 wakka

  • MPT043 party flag

  • MPT044 sketch night

  • MPT045 mizutama mix

  • MPT046 stationery

  • MPT047 triangle

  • MPT048 smile dot

A model that can use this tape

Plain “Tepra Lite” tape makes the characters and icons more easily noticeable.
It is also good for color labeling.
* TEPRA Lite tape is made of thermal paper.

“TEPRA” Lite tape

Width: 15mm
Length: 4m


  • LP15R RED

  • LP15P PINK



  • LP15B BLUE

A model that can use this tape