Label editing software for Windows PC

Label editing application for iOS/Android devices

TEPRA Label Editor SPC10

Applicable printer: SR5900GS

Free Software for Windows PC

You can download free software for Windows PC from the link below.

Create your own labels with your computer

Create labels by the three easy steps.
With your computer, it is easy to design and type the label's text.
All the languages and fonts installed on your computer can be printed.

Many emojis, symbols, and frames available

A wide variety of emojis, symbols, and frames can be used to suit the themes you have. Besides warning and instructional indications, specialized symbols and emojis such as for the environment and public information are provided.

Convenient label text forms provided

A wide variety of label text forms are available to make quick and easy custom labels. For example, there is an equipment management form for office equipment labels and a cable labeling form for LAN cable and network cable labels. Just fill in the text form to easily create custom labels.

"Successive Import Printing" function

You are able to print large quantities of labels with Successive Import Printing. It accepts spreadsheet data such as CSV or Excel. The data will be inserted to label's layout.

Easily create custom barcodes

Create up to 15 types of barcodes including EAN-13, QR codes, and 2D barcodes.

Wide variety of "Label Catalogs" are pre-installed

A wide variety of pre-designed label forms for different uses helps your label making.
You can easily create original labels by simply replacing the text.

  1. 1.Operating Environment

    Before installing "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10", make sure that your computer satisfies the following requirements.

    Operating System: Windows 11/10 (32 bit/64 bit)

    Hard Disk Space Which "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" Uses: Approx. 400MB

    Display: XGA (1024 x 768), High Color or higher

    SR670/SR550/SR530/SR3900P/SR3700P/SR3500P/WR1000/SR550C/SR530C/SR3900C - USB 1.1 Full-speed
    SR-R7900P/SR5900P/SR5900GS/SR5900C - USB 2.0 Full-speed, Wired LAN (10/100BASE-TX), wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
    SR5500P - USB 1.1 Full-speed, Bluetooth

    • *"TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" may not operate normally in computers upgraded to a later version of Windows.
      "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" may also not operate normally depending on the computer environment you use.
  2. 2.Installing The Software and The Printer Driver
    1. 1.Turn on your computer and start up Windows.
      Close running applications if any. Close any anti-virus software or similar also.
    2. 2.Download software "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" from the upper link.
    3. 3.Save the downloaded file to the desktop. And after extracting the file, execute the Setup.exe file in the documentation to install it. An install program starts up.
    4. 4.When the installation screen appears, confirm the content and click your choice.
      * After the software installation is completed, the installer of printer driver will appear automatically.
    • * Do not connect the printer to your computer until the install window tells you to do so.
      * Make sure to install "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" as a user with the administrator authority.
      * Before installing the "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" software, close all the other applications running on your computer.
      * When connecting two or more products to one computer:
      The printer driver is necessary for each product individually. Installation of the printer driver for the second or later products will start when the second (or later) product is first connected to the computer. Install it according to the instructions displayed on the screen. Newly installed printer drivers are named as copies of the printer driver.

The "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" PC label editing software for Windows has an API called SPC10-API to connect to other apps. On Windows, run "TEPRA Lable Editor SPC10" and enable TEPRA to print labels. For the SPC10-API operating conditions and procedure, refer to the following document.


Applicable printer: SR5900GS

Free App for smartphone

You can download free App for smartphone from App Store or Google Play.

Connecting via Wireless LAN

  1. (1)Turn on the printer and connect in Infrastructure mode or Access point mode by following the instructions in the User's Manual of the printer.
  2. (2) Select the printer from drop-down list in the Print Settings screen of this application.
  • *On iOS devices, if " 'TEPRA LINK 2' would like to find and connect to devices on your local network." alert appears, tap "OK".

Easily create and print labels with the app

Create labels whenever necessary with "TEPRA".
You can print labels remotely via wireless connection.

Intuitive label making

Create labels intuitively by "Snap to grid", "Guide lines", "Rotation", "Size change", and more.

Many symbols and emojis available

Including flat designs and conventional TEPRA symbols and emojis.

Label designs (templates) for specific purposes

Easily create a variety of impressive labels by simply replacing the text or emoji.

"Mix-Length" function

You can create different labels in one file and print them together.
Or you can print only the necessary labels.

Barcode Printing

Printed barcodes can comply with any of four standards:
QR code, CODE39, CODE128, and EAN-13.

Label file management

Created label files can be organized into folders.
Backup is of course available.

  • *The files are not compatible with the "TEPRA Label Editor SPC10" Windows label program.
  • *Files (.tm1) saved with TEPRA LINK (1) can be opened with TEPRA LINK 2. However, there are a few limitations. See the instruction manual for details.

Google Translate

Supports translation into 17 languages.
Create multilingual labels easily.

  • Supported languages: Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, German, Turkish, Hindi, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Malay, Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), and Japanese.
  • *Display sequence in the program.
  • *An Internet connection is required to use the translation feature.

  • *The App functions may differ depending on the device.
  • *Please make sure to update the device's system to provide a better experience.
  • *App screen problems may occur on certain devices depending on the screen aspect ratio and resolution.
  • *This free app is compatible with iOS and Android. It is not compatible with macOS.
  • *An Internet connection is required to use certain features of the app. Internet connection charges shall be borne by the user.
  • *"Index Label", "Cable Label", "Cut Label" and "Cut Label Panduit" cannnot be used.
  • *"iOS", "macOS" and "App Store" are trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • *"Windows" is a trademark or a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • *"Android", "Google" and "Google Play" are trademarks of Google LLC.


Applicable printer: LR30GS

Free App for smartphone

You can download free App for smartphone from App Store or Google Play.
  • *The user's manual is available in the app.
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