Neutral Box

An easy-assembly storage box. Neutral Box
CASE.1 Need an easy-assembly box? Easy to assemble! No screws or tools are required. Assemble completes just by folding. You can store it by folding into compact size when not using.
CASE.2 Need a good appearance and easy to use storage box? Matches any interior with its simple and user-friendly design. 3 colors are available 4 sizes are available (S, M, L and XL) Made from durable thick cardboard

Make a storage smarter

Can be used in a wide variety of purpose such as storing small goods, clothing, documents etc.

Able to organize collections tidy Able to store lot of magazines and documents Good to organize clothing and seasonal goods
S size Best fit to organize CDs, paperbacks and small goods 15.5cm 13.5cm 26cm
M size Best fit to store DVDs and notebooks 20.5cm 15.5cm 28cm
L size Large sized that best fit to store clothing  and toys 27cm 18cm 38cm
XL size A4 sized documents and magazines can be stored with no stress 31cm 21cm 40cm


Item No. Size Color
4055 S White, Gray
4056 M White, Gray
4057 L White, Gray
4058 XL White, Gray, Beige

The specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

*4055, 4056 have been discontinued.

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