Lumillia Acrylic storage series

An acrylic storage series, accented with an aurora color that vary in look depending on how the light hits it.

Store your makeup items.
Store your stationery or accessories.
Decorate your everyday routine with sparkling aurora colors.

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Lumillia Pen Holder

Item No. No.7550
External Dimensions Approx. W45 × D85 × H155 mm
Weight Approx. 154 g
Material Acrylic

Lumillia Pen & Phone Holder

Item No. No.7560
External Dimensions Approx. W102 × D102 × H105 mm
Weight Approx. 161 g
Material Acrylic

Lumillia Multi Stand

Item No. No.7570
External Dimensions Approx. W165 × D75 × H88 mm
Weight Approx. 171 g
Material Acrylic

Lumillia Desk Organizer

Item No. No.7580
External Dimensions Approx. W228 × D152 × H98 mm
Weight Approx. 482 g
Material Acrylic

Lumillia Portable Desk Organizer

Item No. No.7590
External Dimensions Approx. W250 × D150 × H153 mm
Weight Approx. 633 g
Material Acrylic
  • *Please be careful not to impact or apply excessive force to the product, as this may cause damage to the product.
  • *Avoid direct sunlight and hot/humid places.
  • *Some specifications may be changed without notice.
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