*This product has been discontinued.


+Kraft is made from "Washable kraft paper", which is water-resistant and durable.
You would love its texture and aging of kraft paper.

Thin and light weight. It's good for carrying.
Elaborately sewing makes it
more luxurious and durable.
It can be fastened with the elastic string
to prevent it from opening unexpectedly.


Storage space (for cards, pens, memopads etc.) are also attached.
+Kraft can put together everything you need for a situation of using notebook or plastic file folder.

Note Cover

CapacityCapacity: 2 notebooks (total thickness: 15mm)
It enables you to carry 2 notebooks together.
Card-sized pockets Card-sized pockets are also attached.

File Cover

+Kraft suggests new style of using plastic file folder.
You can change an ordinary plastic file holder to a sophisticated one with +Kraft.
It is perfect for texture and storing.

2 types of pockets You can put a plastic holder in the half-sized pocket.
Postcard-sized pockets can be used as setting a memopad to carry together.
Half-sized pocketStoring a memopad
or some envelopes in it.
Pen HolderPen holder helps
you immediately writing.
BookmarkBookmark helps you
to find the page you want.


A6/A5/B5 notebook cover and A4 plastic file holder cover are available.
Best coloring for business and daily use.

Kraft Notebook Cover

Item No.: No.1971KF
Compatible Notebook Size: A6
External Dimensions: Approximately
Height 164 × Width 125 × Spine Width 12mm (maximum: 20mm)

Kraft Notebook Cover

Item No.: No.1991KF
Compatible Notebook Size: A5
External Dimensions: Approximately
Height 226 × Width 175 × Spine Width 12mm (maximum: 20mm)

Kraft Notebook Cover

Item No.: No.1901KF
Compatible Notebook Size: B5
External Dimensions: Approximately
Height 270 × Width 215 × Spine Width 12mm (maximum: 20mm)

Kraft Plastic File Holder Cover

Item No.: No.1935KF
Compatible File Holder Size: A4
(10 pockets・20 pockets)
External Dimensions: Approximately
Height 326 × Width 255 × Spine Width 12mm (maximum: 26mm)

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