Writing to your friends, family etc.
It's precious time in your daily life.

Select the best letter paper from variety of letter writing tools in the situation or mood.


KAMIFUMIBAKO helps you to store letter writing tools by their sizes and types.

4 rooms

It has 4 rooms for several type of letter writing tools.

4 rooms Letter writing tools are not included.
1Capacity: Maximum H225×W225mm sized contents
Letter sets A5 sized notepads Letter paper
2Capacity: Maximum H237×W107mm sized contents
Envelopes Stickers Notepaper Sheets of stamps
3Capacity: Maximum H113×W154mm sized contents
Postcards Memopads Scratchpads Mini envelops
4Capacity: Maximum H68×W113mm sized contents
Cards Sticky notes Stickers Rolled washi tapes Clips Stamps

The elastic string is attached
for keeping letter sets and letter paper.


The wide space
for envelopes and stickers.


Best for storing cards and stamps.
The cover can be closed tightly by magnets inside.


White with stripe green
External Dimensions:
Height 75 ×Width 246 × Depth 243mm

  • *KAMIFUMIBAKO is made from paper. It might be deformed by getting dry/humid.
  • *Do not open the cover forcefully and put heavy things on it. It might be damaged.
  • *Keep the cover the upper side to prevent the contents from falling off.
  • *Do not transport and drop it with the contents inside. It might be damaged.
  • *Do not put it on uneven surface in case it would fall down.
  • *Keep away from devices affected by magnetic forces, such as cards with magnetic strips, watch or PC.
  • *Avoid direct sunlight and hot/humid place.