*This product has been discontinued.


Rather than electronic device, we try to make kakumiru as a "stationery".

kakumiru has concaved part beside the screen to let you take a pen and start writing naturally like a real pen and notebook.

E Ink ePaper Display enable to continually displays the screen as well as real paper does. Also, alarm function reminds you of important schedules.

"Next-generation stationery" that you have never seen before is launched.



1. Touch the screen to start writing immediately.

Touch the screen and write with a stylus. It has comfortable grip and smooth touch just like you would do with paper and pen.
Thickness of the pen and eraser can be chosen from 3 types(bold/ fine/ micro). Maximum 99 written memos can be kept in the main unit. Thumbnail view of memos makes easier to find particular page.

2. Remind your important schedules by setting alarms

Because alarm can be set for memos and to-do items, kakumiru will keep you on task by reminding you what to do next.

You can set an alarm in two ways:

  1. 1.General alarm- alarm which activates on the set day and time
  2. 2.Weekly repeating alarm- alarm which activates weekly on the set day and time

3. The screen uses E Ink ePaper Display

The screen uses E Ink ePaper Display. It makes kakumiru's wide, high-contrast display as easy to read as real paper, and able to continually displays the screen.

Hereby, kakumiru is able to keep displaying the screen as well as a real paper to remind you of important things.

E Ink ePaper Display is eye-friendly because it does not use backlight.

4. Leads your desktop tidy and organized

Kakumiru does not only allow you to work efficiently, but also leads to a naturally cleaner the workspace.

Built-in acceleration sensor automatically inverts the screen display so that it is very space-saving and you can save your working space.




Stone Gray(Body) & Turquoise(Pen)
Stone Gray(Body) & Turquoise(Pen)
Sky Gray(Body) & Turquoise(Pen)
Sky Gray(Body) & Turquoise(Pen)


Item No. EM10
Screen 4.3 inches (56.2 x 93.65 mm),
E Ink ePaper Display
Screen Resolution 480 x 800
Touch Screen Film Resistive Touch Screen
Power Source 4 AA alkaline or eneloop batteries *sold separately
Battery Life

Approximately 3 months

External Dimensions Width 93 × Depth 41 × Height 132mm

Approximately 200 g

  • *not including battery weight
Data Storage Main unit (Memo: 99 pages, To-do list: 30 items)
Compatible Media

Micro SD card (max. 2GB), Micro SDHC card (max. 32GB)

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