BINSEN-FUSEN Convey your warm feeling with sticky notes. letter sticky notes

letter sticky notes

With a small gift for your friend or with a package for clients, it is to use when you hope to convey your warm feelings little politer than usual.

On sale December 20th, 2019

So easy to use as sticky notes, but so polite as letter paper.

With a gift or a treat.

When returning a borrowed things.

When sending documents or packages to your clients.

It is thick enough to be used as letter paper.

Good for both private and business situation.

It is about 1.5 times thicker than ordinary sticky notes.

It adheres firmly because its adhesive area is wider.

Enjoy a combination of different size ones.


Size H25 × W70mm 30 pages (15 pages × 2 patterns)
3040-001 Plants
3040-002 Mountain
3040-003 Flower
Size H85 × W85mm 20 pages
3060-001 Plants
3060-002 Mountain
3060-003 Flower
3060-004 Watercolor
3060-005 Mail
3060-006 Shapes
Size H85 × W137mm 20 pages
3080-001 Plants
3080-002 Mountain
3080-003 Flower
3080-004 Watercolor
3080-005 Mail
3080-006 Shapes
  • *Thickness of paper is about 1.5 times thicker than ordinary sticky notes. (According to our own research)
  • *It may not stick to paper with oil, moisture, dust, or uneven surface.
  • *Its adhesive surface may get dirty by ink or toner when it sticks to printed paper.
  • *Some paper may get adhesive or damaged on its surface.
  • *Avoid direct sunlight and hot/humid place.
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