New lineup of "TEFRENU" is added.

Release of "TEFRENU BiZ"

KING JIM Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) developed the "TEFRENU BiZ" as an additional item to "TEFRENU" notebooks.

"TEFRENU" has separated rings which help your stress-free writing. Since TEFRENU had been released in February, 2015, it has received a very positive response thanks to its lightness and thinness. In February, 2020, "TEFRENU BiZ" is added to its lineup.

リングノート「テフレーヌ」 イメージ1

"TEFRENU Biz" is best for business situation. It has card-sized pockets and a pen holder, etc. 2 colors are available, black and white.
(for 3 sizes each)

KING JIM strives to meet customers' requirements with it, and would expand the markets as well.


Ring Notebooks "TEFRENU BiZ"
Name No. Size Color
Ring Notebook
9854TEB A5 Black or White
9855TEB B5
Ring Notebook
9854TEBH A5 Deformation Size Black or White
  • Accessory: Loose-leaf paper (graph paper with 5 mm square) *10 sheets

Ring Notebooks "TEFRENU BiZ" Handy exclusive loose-leaf paper
Name No. Notes Color
handy exclusive loose-leaf paper
407HH-50 Graph paper
with 5 mm square
(20 holes, 50 sheets)
A5 Deformation Size
Approximately H210×W103mm