Additional item to "TEPRA" Lite for Chinese market, the first model for smartphone.

Release of "TEPRA" Lite LR30C

KING JIM Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) developed "TEPRA" Lite LR30C and added to its lineup of "TEPRA" for Chinese market. It is the first "TEPRA" model for smartphone. It is released on September 14th, 2020, sold only in China.
Label printer "TEPRA" has been used in the office or at home for various purposes. Released in 1988 as the first label printer in Japan, it has gained the top market share* for this category in Japan. Regarding the development of overseas models of "TEPRA", the first Chinese model of "TEPRA(贴普乐)" was launched in 2007. Various models of English and Chinese "TEPRA" were released following it and each of them has received a good reputation.

"TEPRA" Lite LR30C was designed based on Japanese model, "TEPRA" Lite LR30, which was released in August 2019. You can create labels' designs on the dedicated App for iOS/Android "TEPRA Lite" through Bluetooth® communications. The sizes or layout of texts can be flexible, which helps you make your favorite labels easily. Five types of Chinese fonts, Handwriting and with Pinyin, etc. were added on the dedicated App.
A plastic-made photo frame is included. You can display your favorite photographs on the body by attaching the accessory. "TEPRA" Lite LR30C blends in your interior decoration. Its compatible tapes are "TEPRA" Lite Tape, "TEPRA" Lite Film Tape and "TEPRA" Lite Washi Tape.

KING JIM strives to expand demands of label printers in Chinese market by the release of "TEPRA" Lite LR30C.

  1. *An in-company investigation


Item Name Label printer "TEPRA" Lite LR30C
Price 448 CNY
Release Date September 14th, 2020
Color White


LR30C 製品写真
LR30C 製品写真