New lineup of "KAKIKO" is added.


KING JIM Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) developed the "FILE HOLDER KAKIKO" as an additional item to "KAKIKO" series.

"CLEAR FILE KAKIKO", which was released in January 2018, differs from general clear files in terms of its special filing mechanism. It holds documents with top and bottom flaps, so you are able to write on documents without taking out. It had been utilized for documents you'd like to write with the docments stored in the file such as meeting materials, musical scores etc.

To respond to customers' requirements, we newly released "FILE HOLDER KAKIKO" which is thinner and easy to carry shape. While keeping the feature of "CLEAR FILE KAKIKO" that you can write without taking out documents, "FILE HOLDER KAKIKO" enables you to write while standing with top and bottom flaps and tough PP cover. Attached pen holder helps to carry a pen with documents. There are 2 sizes (A4 & A3) with 6 colors each size.

KING JIM strives to meet customers' requirements with adding new item to "KAKIKO" series, and would keep expanding the markets.




Item Name Item No. Size Color
FILE HOLDER KAKIKO 8657 A4 Red, Light blue, Navy, White, Black
FILE HOLDER KAKIKO (Transparent) 8657T Milky white
FILE HOLDER KAKIKO 2 pockets 8647 A4
(A3 paper can be stored in facing pages)
Red, Light blue, Navy, White, Black
FILE HOLDER KAKIKO 2 pockets (Transparent) 8647T Milky white