Presidents Message

Ever since it was founded in 1927, KING JIM Co., Ltd. has developed and sold numerous unique filing products based on the principle "Utilization of Information and Human Resources." Over the years KING JIM products brimming with originality have breathed new life into the office environment and created a new standard in filing. An example of a product cast in the KING JIM mold is the "TEPRA" label writer launched in 1988 with the aim of optimizing file label presentation and information utility. This product has been enormously successful in the Japanese market.

The information management products offered by KING JIM are the outcome of uncompromising thinking grounded in the perspective of the people who use the information. Functional design that people never tire of even after years of use, environmentally friendly design befitting a good global citizen, and quality orientation aimed at customer satisfaction-the fusion of these elements has come to fruition in a brand that enjoys enduring trust.

In the new world of the 21st century, the management and utilization of information will become increasingly sophisticated, and the market for information management products is expected to enter a period of renewed growth. At KING JIM, we will continue to pursue worthy aspirations and will carry on with the creation of products that lead the way in the new era of information management.

President & CEO Akira Miyamoto

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