KING JIM is the manufacturer of information management products, offering its core products of "Files" and "Electronic products" for office use.

KING JIM was funded in 1927. It has started to sell "patented address book" and "seal impression book", and initially, the company was named as "Meikandou" which was originated from the both products.

In 1961, the company name was changed to "KING JIM", because the founder was wishing to be the king of office products. Afterwards, "G File" (currently called KING FILE G) which was launched in 1964 has become the standard file for offices in Japan due to its excellent design and high functionality.

And in 1988, KING JIM has launched the label printer "TEPRA". At first, it was sold with the aim of indicating titles on the spine paper of files. After that, "TEPRA" has been used in the various situations such as factories, shops and offices. About 30 years since the product release, the cumulative sales are beyond 10 million units. Now, "TEPRA" is the long seller products and it has become synonymous of "label printer".

In 2017, KING JIM launched the new brand "HITOTOKI" by which we would offer the stationery that make people feel more comfortable in casual days.

Please take a look at our state-of-the-art stationeries which are developed based on our management philosophy of "Developing original products and creating new culture to contribute to society".

The birth of KING JIM

Mr. Eitarou Miyamoto
Patented Address Book

Mr. Eitarou Miyamoto who is the founder of KING JIM has started business as the inventor of "patented address book" and "seal impression book". And in 1927, he has set up "Meikandou" which was the predecessor organization of KING JIM. Mr. Eitarou Miyamoto was always saying that "We have no pleasure if we do the same things as others do". KING JIM which has started business with "Name Directory" invented by him has launched unique products which were never seen before and KING JIM is still making new innovations even now.

1927 Company founder Eitaro Miyamoto launches a patented address book and seal impression book.
1948 MEIKANDO CO., LTD. is established.
The company produces and launches loose-leaf notebooks, binders, and files.
1953 The Osaka branch (current sales office) opens.
1961 The company name is changed to KING JIM CO., LTD.
The Nagoya branch (current sales office) opens.
1964 The KING FILE G is launched.
1981 The Fukuoka branch (current sales office) opens.
1984 The Tokyo Distribution Center opens.
1987 The company's shares are listed on the over-the-counter section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1988 The TEPRA label printer is launched.
1993 Cumulative sales of KING FILE G reaches 100 million units.
Cumulative sales of TEPRA reaches 1 million units.
1996 P.T. KING JIM INDONESIA is established in Indonesia.
1998 KING JIM (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. is established in Malaysia.
2001 The company's shares are listed on Section 2 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The company acquires NAGASHIMA & CO., LTD.
2002 SHANGHAI KING JIM MAKINO TRADING CO., LTD. is established in China.
2003 Cumulative sales of TEPRA reach 5 million units.
The company acquires GODO CO., LTD.
2005 The company's shares are listed on Section 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2007 KING JIM (VIETNAM) Co., Ltd. is established in Vietnam.
2008 The company acquires ASCA COMPANY, LTD.
The POMERA digital memo is launched.
2011 The SHOTNOTE is launched.
2012 KING JIM (HK)CO.,LIMITED is established in Hong Kong.
2013 Smart phone application program making service "appsta" beginning.
2014 The company acquires BON FURNITURE CO., LTD.
2017 The Stationery series "HITOTOKI" is launched.
2018 TEPRA cumulative sales were beyond 10 million units.