Environmental Policy

The King Jim Group has defined the environmental policy below to practice responsible behavior for the environment as a member of society.

Environmental Policy

As a supplier of products, the King Jim Group views environmental considerations as an important management issue, and actively make effective use of resources. As a responsible member of society, we aim to live harmoniously with nature and strive to conserve the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.

Environmental Action Guidelines

  • Planning, development and design

    We conduct the practice of giving consideration to the environment in the planning, development, and design stages.

  • Procurement, production, sales and logistics

    We will strive to reduce our environmental impact in order to realize a sustainable society.

  • Recycling

    We will promote effective use of resources with the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented society.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

    We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as other requirements that we have agreed to.

  • Raising awareness

    We will strive to raise the environmental awareness of each and every employee, and engage in continuous environmental conservation activities.


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