Our Corporate Charter on the Environment

Tackling environmental issues For the Next Generation.

Environmental Philosophy

In providing products to our customers, the King Jim Group of companies works in a positive fashion to make effective use of our resources and strives to develop and manufacture products that are environment-friendly. As responsible members of society, the companies belonging to the King Jim Group aim to live harmoniously with nature and strive to protect and preserve our environment.

Guidelines for Action

For the companies of the King Jim Group, an optimal balance with nature is an important management concern, and in every aspect of our corporate activities we give priority to acting in an environmentally friendly way.

  • We give consideration to the environment and to safety in each stage from the development and planning stage onward, and we strive to provide products that comply with the various aspects of environmental protection and preservation, such as energy conservation.
  • In the production, sales, distribution and disposal stages, we work to aggressively introduce resources and systems that contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.
  • In addition to observing all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment, we have established voluntary management regulations and strive to improve the management of the environment.
  • In addition to conducting in-house training on the environment and working to raise environmental consciousness, we contribute to society through our environmental protection and preservation activities.
  • We have established an organization and operational system for environmental management and have implemented policies for improving the environment, and we continue to strive to improve the maintenance of our voluntary management.
  • We disclose our policies relating to the environment as necessary, and strive to protect and preserve the environment.

President & CEO Akira Miyamoto
Established: January 1998
Revised June 2006