Electronic Products

On-the-spot label production for a variety of applications

The “TEPRA” label printer was born out of the concept of producing file labels with clean, attractive text. Incorporating a Japanese word-processing function, TEPRA makes the production of kanji character labels a snap. Launched in 1988, this unprecedented product broke new ground in the area of business presentations. In no time at all, “TEPRA” became an enormous hit and created a new product genre. Used as titles for various media, operating instruction labels for machinery, for notices in offices and factories, public notices, and myriad other applications, TEPRA labels are ubiquitous. The name “TEPRA” has become synonymous with “label printer.”

An entirely new type of digital memo device

The POMERA, a portable digital memo pad, is a paperback-size device featuring a folding keyboard and LCD monitor. Capable of booting up in just two seconds, the POMERA is a completely new type of digital input tool that can be used to easily input text for memo purposes whenever necessary.

A development-driven company brimming with the creativity to make products such as the world has never seen

KING JIM has a history of creating and developing groundbreaking new markets. The formidable strength necessary to develop our advanced products comes from our flexible organization, which stays closely attuned to the times and demonstrates high creativity. In developing our products, KING JIM commands knowledge that cuts across organizational boundaries and includes external brainpower. Fusing new materials, new techniques, and the fruits of high technology, KING JIM seeks at all times to create new markets through product development to meet the needs of tomorrow. The creativity to make things such as the world has never seen-this product development ethos that has characterized KING JIM since the company was founded remains an unbroken tradition and the backbone of our success.

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