Notebooks suitable for planning & journaling.

Dot-grid and
ruled line paper

pre-printed dates

Don't stress about plotting
out your writing perfectly.
Simply adjust the future pages to fit your timeline.

7 features for recording memories in your own way

  • 1

    Choose according to your preference.


    PASSPORT SIZE fits in your hand. COMIC SIZE is compact enough to carry. SQUARE SIZE lets you write freely. These 3 sizes give you the best choice for your preference.

  • 2

    Required accessories are included.

    User-friendly 3-piece set

    The notebook includes a cover with clear pockets and a plastic board which can be used as a ruler or a bookmark. By making planner spreads, you can start keeping a diary whenever you want.

  • 3

    Write whenever you want.

    No date necessary

    Fill in dates at your own pace and come back to writing anytime, after 3 days or even a month.

    passport size

    Don't you want to record a day comfortably? These 2 boxes are helpful to enter the day of the week or the weather of the day.

    comic size

    Write not only dates but also day of week, weather or your mood for the day in 3 boxes of date column. The blank space beside the date column is useful for making headlines.

    square size

    Date column of SQUARE SIZE has more flexibility with a wide space to paste date labels, stickers and so on to customize in your own way.

  • 4

    Connect the dots to suit your use.

    Make your own divisions with markers.

    All of sizes include markers. Personalize your pages easily by connecting dots with a straight line. The included plastic board helps drawing lines.

    passport size

    PASSPORT SIZE is handy and casual. A single page can be divided into 2 sections by connecting horizontal dots.

    comic size

    A single page can be divided into 3 sections by connecting horizontal dots. You can write 3 highlights for the day or write diaries for 3 days on one page.

    square size

    The 2-page spread can be divided into 8 sections by connecting vertical dots. You can use 1 section every day or keep a record for a day on 2 sections. Adjust the width freely according to how much you write.

  • 5

    Easily tear off the page when you make a mistake.

    Perforations on every page

    Don't worry if you make a mistake. Perforations on each page help you to tear off the page easily. Also, they are useful when you need to give a page to your friends.

  • 6

    Opens up completely flat for stress-free writing.

    Perfect binding enables flat open

    The perfect binding opens completely flat and making writing comfortable on all pages. Also, you can read back over them with ease.

  • 7

    Choose whichever you like

    2 types of covers

    Zip around type/Soft cover type

    There are two types of covers: Zip around and Soft cover.
    Choose the better one as you like.

    Zip around type

    Zippered cover for holding various small items. The flap opens outward so it does not get in the way when writing.

    Soft cover type

    Slim cover with matte texture. It has a pocket for a small piece of paper.

    Zip around type/Soft cover type


Zip around type


  • HN-PF01 Photo
  • HN-PF02 Forest
  • HN-PF03 Kumacky
  • HN-PF04 Flower
  • HN-PF05 Paint


  • HN-CF01 Photo
  • HN-CF02 Swan
  • HN-CF03 Kumacky
  • HN-CF04 Flower
  • HN-CF05 Paint

HITOTOKI NOTE can be used however you like.

  • PASSPORT SIZE - Example A

    Put some masking tape and write your story.
    And you'll have a full page in no time.

  • PASSPORT SIZE - Example B

    Add one picture per day to complete
    your decoration for the day.

  • PASSPORT SIZE - Example C

    Look it back again and again.
    An easy to use frame layout.

  • PASSPORT SIZE - Example D

    Use markers to split it in two.
    Keep the convenience on a smaller scale.

  • COMIC SIZE - Example A

    Apply washi tape or stickers.
    Decorate pages as you like.

  • COMIC SIZE - Example B

    The best solution for storing your favorite message or business cards.

  • COMIC SIZE - Example C

    Use markers to draw borders that divide the page into 3 sections by time or date.

  • COMIC SIZE - Example D

    For taking notes or making to-do lists.
    The perfect way to get organized for your work.

  • SQUARE SIZE - Example A

    Don't stress about plotting everything out
    perfectly for your writing.

  • SQUARE SIZE - Example B

    Enjoy putting your favorite cards
    or tickets on pages.

  • SQUARE SIZE - Example C

    Make a travel scrapbook to write down
    your memories.

  • SQUARE SIZE - Example D

    Categorize into three visual themes.
    A weekly diary that's a pleasure to look back on.

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