Decorate your life with TEPRA Lite!

'TEPRA' Lite LR5E Label Printer


TEPRA Lite makes it easy to add adorable picture icons, decorative frames and more!

for the Kitchen

Simply add a label to make things cuter!

for Gifts

Easy to use even if you aren't good at drawing pictures!

for Documents

Makes studying and work more fun‚ô™


Choose a style to fit your application!

4 text sizes

Select different sizes, fonts, frames with an easy push of a button!


7 fonts


About Fonts

Depending on the text size and/or font chosen, characters may overlap with the frame, text may become difficult to read, etc.

49 decorative frames

This product comes with a wide assortment of decorative frames for everything from personal to business use.

697 symbols and picture icons

Huge variety of picture icons available in various categories!

Tons of decorative frames and picture icons!

How to use/Spec

Extremely easy to use! Make labels anytime!

Toggle between horizontal and vertical text, decorative frames, fonts and text with the mere push of a button./Cut/Print/Symbol

How to use

  1. Type
  2. Print
  3. Stick

Label Printer TEPRA Lite LR5E Product Specifications

Product No. LR5E (Blue) LCD 8 characters x 1 line
Decorative frames 49 types Printing method thermal printing
Fonts 7 types Printer thin-film thermal printhead
(64 dots at 180 dpi)
Text size 4 sizes (XL, L, M, S) Max. printable width approx. 9.0 mm
Cutter manual cutter Internal character data 759 characters
(62 English characters, 697 symbols)
Power source AAA alkaline batteries x 4
(sold saparately)
Max. character input 62
Product dimensions 90 x 115 x 37 mm Lines printable 1
Weight approx. 195g
(not including batteries)
Text direction 2 types (horizontal and vertical)

* TEPRA Lite tape and coharu tape are sold saparately.


Six gorgeous colors! For labels with strong adhesion, use TEPRA Lite tape.


[TEPRA Lite tape] Width: 15 mm/Length: 4 m

TEPRA Lite tape is made of thermal paper.

Usage for display purposes is possible for approximately one year in a standard indoor environment (room temperature, normal humidity, 500 lx fluorescent lighting). However, it is not suitable for use in environments where the tape will be exposed to direct sunlight or other strong light, water, or high temperatures and/or humidity. Rubbing the printing tape with hard objects or against different surfaces will cause the paper surface, printed content, etc. to fade.

Threre's more! Choose from a wide veriety of adorable coharu tapes! Can be removed easily anytime you want!

MPT005 drop red/MPT009 stripe tricolor/MPT010 lace pink/MPT012 flower/MPT014 canvas beige/MPT016 dot pink/MPT017 dot mint-blue/MPT018 check purple/MPT020 cottony cloud/MPT024 usagi/MPT025 ouchi/MPT026 candy pink/MPT028 sketch clover/MPT029 square pink/MPT030 square blue/MPT031 daisy pink/MPT032 daisy yellow/MPT033 quilt pattern/MPT035 stripe pastel/MPT036 heart/MPT037 arare/MPT038 tama/MPT039 hishigata/MPT040 wakka/MPT042 ribbon yellow/MPT043 party flag/MPT044 sketch night/MPT045 mizutama mix/MPT046 stationery/MPT047 triangle/MPT048 smile dot

[TEPRA Lite tape] Width: 15 mm/Length: 4 m

Not suitable for long-term display purpose.

Coharu tape is made of thermal paper. Exposing it under direct sunlight or strong light sources, high temperatures and humidity environments, or rubbing it with hard objects or against different surfaces, or leaving it in contact with hand lotions or similar medicinal products may cause the printed content to fade or damage the surface of the tape.

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