TEPRA Life LR20E Label Printer

Make your days more
pleasant with TEPRA Lite.

Just by decorating bottles in the kitchen,
bathroom or planner with our tapes,
daily life will become more
colorful and happier.
Share this positive feeling with
your family and friends
and make your time more enjoyable.

What is it

POINT01Easy to use anytime anywhere

It is a palm-sized label printer.
It is user-friendly and can be used whenever and wherever.

POINT02The appearance of TEPRA Lite is cute

and it can be considered
as an interior decoration.

POINT03TEPRA Lite is handy and easy to use.

Enjoy label making
anytime anywhere.


How to use

  1. STEP01Select a font or a frame and type a message.
  2. STEP02Press the small window-shaped button to print.
  3. STEP03Push the chimney-like button to cut the tape.

A variety of fonts & illustrations

You can do the
followings with TEPRA Lite.

Labelling ingredients, making albums, DIY!
Label items in the kitchen and get things organized with TEPRA Lite.
By using coharu Film Tape,
you don't have to worry about water splash in the kitchen.


Item No. LR20E
Color Red
Product dimension approx.97 × 107 × 42mm
Weight approx.201g (not including batteries)
LCD 8 chracters × 1 line
Printing method Thermal printing
Max. printable width approx.9.0mm (180dpi × 64dots)
Internal character data 731 characters
(62 English characters, 669 symbols)
Lines printable 1 line
Fonts 7 types
Max. printable width 62 characters
Power source 4 AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
Text sizes 4 sizes (XL, L, M, S)

* Batteries, coharu film tape, coharu tape, TEPRA Lite tape are sold separetely.

  • TEPRA Lite Tape is made of thermal paper with strong adhesion.
  • TEPRA Lite Washi Tape can be removed easily.
    *It is made of thermal paper. It is not suitable for long-term display purposes.
  • TEPRA Lite Film Tape is strong and suitable for various purposes. However, please use it indoors because it is a thermal film.
  • TEPRA Lite Tape, Washi Tape and Film Tape can not be used on machines other than TEPRA Lite, coharu or hiyori.
  • Hiyori Punch cannot be used on TEPRA Lite Film Tape.
  • When cutting the tapes, press the built-in cut button or cut with scissors.
  • When the tape is not in use, return it to its original packing bag and store it away from high temperature and humidity.
  • Glue of tape may remain on or cause damage to the object that tape is attached depending on materials of the object, environment and condition when attaching the tape.
  • Please note that KING JIM is not responsible for any damage or lost caused by the above reason.
  • There may be difference between images of tape on this site and the actual product.
  • Specifications and design may change without any prior notice.